The University has built a robust support system for both internal and external funding opportunities, making it simple to customize your search and save time and mental energy. We suggest you make the COS Pivot service your first stop. Pivot compiles a wide variety of federal, non-federal, foundation, corporate, and private funding opportunities for any discipline.

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A large amount of Boston University’s sponsored award funding comes from federal agencies. If you have any questions on the materials found or would like to learn more about Boston University’s presence within the federal government, please visit the website for Boston University’s Federal Relations office.




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Institutionally Limited Opportunities

Limited submissions are funding opportunities which limit the number of applications or nominations an institution may put forward. At Boston University, the limited submission process is managed by the Office of Research. On the Medical Campus, the process is coordinated by Dr. Andrew Taylor.



Internal Opportunities and Tools

BU Ignition Awards

The Ignition Award Program awards funds to validate early-stage projects with clear commercial and medical potential. By enabling researchers to generate relevant data, reach key milestones, or show proof-of concept, the Ignition Awards help bring new technologies to a mature enough state where they can be licensed, spun off as a New Venture, or create a new, non-profit social enterprise.

The awards are not prizes, but are funds to accomplish specific applied research tasks.

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